ICSGSC 2022 | Virtual Conference 

Different form previous years, ICSGSC2022 has to be held online as COVID-19 spreads worldwide. Nevertheless the coronavirus is unable to damp the enthusiasm of academic communication. Supported by sponsors and authors, ICSGSC2022 is a successful remote discussion conference, bringing memorable academic experience to all the participants.

Some participations with camera on 

Photo Gallery  

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Hongjian Sun
Durham University, UK  
Keynote Speaker: Prof. A. R. Al-Ali
American University of Sharjah, UAE   
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Hongjun Gao
Sichuan University, China  

Excellent Oral Presentation Winners  

Presenter: Jiayu Bai
From: Tsinghua University, China 
Presenter: Tapio Frantti
From: University of Jyväskylä, Finland 
Presenter: Zihao Dong
From: Durham University, UK 
Presenter: Guoming Wang
From: Hangzhou Guozhou Power Technology Co., Ltd., China 
Presenter: Jinqiang Fan
From: State Grid Cyber Security Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd, China 
Presenter: Zhao Zhihua
From: Beijing Institute of Metrology, China 


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